Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd. has been the favored company of engineers and professionals for over 20 years.

    Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd. has been the favored company of engineers and professionals for over 20 years.

    Passion would mean different things to different people. At Jain Housing & Construction, it means to surge excellence with a collective drive of Team ship. Yes, we boast of an excellent track record, but even more, about our people, in a value-centric work culture.

    The work culture at Jain Housing & Construction is about ‘team dynamics’ that nurtures and accelerates to gain optimum potential. With this collective synergy of experience and expertise, integrity and efficiency, loyalty and camaraderie, the culture is indisputably the strong asset of the organization.

    This powerful team dynamics has shouldered its steadfast growth in the project construction industry. Needless to say, 80% of the employees at Jain Housing & Construction have been on the company’s payroll since its establishment in 1981. Perhaps this explains why it weighs Team Dynamics, a position above anything else. 

    The overall workforce strength of Jain Housing & Constructions stationed in India, Kuwait and Sudan is around 2000.  

    Work Environment
    The company provides the best work environment, salaries, welfare schemes and benefits for its employees as per governing laws, norms and standards. The work environments and work protocol has been clearly defined in accordance to international HSE standards, which broadly states the following, 

    • A work protocol that is safe for all – the employees, contractors, public, machinery and assets.
    • To establish, and maintain a hazards free, healthy environment.
    • It is the duty of each employee to respect and observe safe operating measures.

    The bottom line of all our heavy project construction solutions speaks about realizing dreams of a better future for our clients and honouring the people who continuously help us to realize it.
    Campus Interviews
    Seeking fresh / experienced engineering graduates, postgraduates and MBA graduates 

    Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd., has regular openings in the following disciplines. 

    Engineering discipline: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer science and Electronics. 

    Management discipline: Marketing, Finance, HR, Systems and Administration. 

    The heads of Engineering colleges and business schools can approach us for campus recruitments. Jain Housing & Construction has engineering and management jobs in India and overseas! At JHCL, the fresh hands are sure to record a promising career.

    Enticing? Write to the Human Resources department at hr@jainhousing.co.in  

    This could be it! The opportunity you've been waiting for is knocking your door. 

    Jain Housing & Construction is an equal opportunity employer that equally values self and others. This trait has made it one of the most preferred project construction companies for technically qualified and experienced engineers of multidiscipline to seek potential growth opportunities. 

    • What it takes to be with JHCL family?
    • Are you charged with an aspiration to grow?
    • Are you geared with a competitive drive to excel?
    • Do you have the innate spark to head-on challenges?
    • And, the confidence to work, with the best talent in the industry?
    • If you do have, we would like to hear from you.

Email : hr@jainhousing.co.in
Phone : 044-2461 3011